Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Blog Book

I'm slowly reading and learning from my latest book Blogging for Dummies. I want a blog that you want to read. I want a blog that I want to write. Somewhere the two shall meet. I've thought about a strictly quilting blog, because that is what Jabaro Designs is, it's a quilting enterprise. I've also thought about an organizing blog, because a lot of people have told me I should share my organizing ideas. I've also thought about having a blog that discusses something specific each day, books on Monday, food on Tuesday, quilts on Wednesday and so on. See my dilemma? Perhaps Blogging for Dummies will help me decide, maybe not. Maybe my blog won't cover any of these but I think I need to decide so I can focus on my purpose. Okay, just reread this and . . . since Jabaro Designs is a quilting enterprise, I will write about quilting books on Monday, food to crockpot so I can continue quilting on Tuesday, quilting organization another day and so on. I think this will work. Now, to add a little color to this post.

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