Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cardinals and My Computer

These cardinals are just outside our front window snacking away on a variety of bird seed. One female, one male, fat and happy. I think we have two pair of cardinals and we try (okay, my husband tries) to keep them fed so they keep returning. Much nicer to look at then my computer, which decided to quit running just as I'm ready to get a post up on my new blog.

Now, this is the n-th time this damn thing has quit on me and the cost of paying someone to get it going again each time has cost me, in total, the cost of a new computer. So, decided I had to get a new one. This is not something I want to do, not only because of the cost factor, but the time spent getting everything the way I want it to look is time consuming (for a novice) and very aggravating (for a novice). But, it's got to be done so . . .

My daughter's friend builds computers (not his for-money job but he's built many computers for family and friends) so decided to have him build me one. He ordered the parts, bolted (or whatever) it together, and I plugged it in. Everything seems fine except I have no sound. Guess my HP speakers don't work with a generic computer. Oh well, they weren't great anyway and since he put music on my computer (from CDs we have) I should get some decent speakers. Hopefully I'll get that done Thursday and everything will be working great once again.

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