Thursday, May 17, 2007

Design Wall Completed

This is really my second design wall. My first was a flannel-backed 5 foot by 7 foot tablecloth which I attached to the wall and used for almost seven years. It worked fine and the cost was perfect (really cheap) but I decided to make a quilt that I had to be able to see all the pieces at one time as the quilt is designed by the placement of the pieces. The photo shows the new design wall (two 4 foot by 8 foot pieces of rigid insulation covered in batting from a get-it-cheap fabric store) covered in pieces of the quilt which necessitated the new wall. Future postings will show progress of this wonderful quilt.

My husband installed this monster, with supervisory assistance from me. We taped the two sheets of insulation together, (you can faintly see the tape through the batting in the middle of the photo), covered it with the batting (using spray adhesive), and attached it to the wall using a leftover piece of molding. I love it. Thanks hubby!

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