Friday, February 1, 2008

I'm Returning

Anyone out there? If so, this is another attempt to promote my quilts and anything else I want to promote. If only there was a political candidate worth promoting, I would do that but there isn’t so I won’t. If I have nothing to promote, I’ll share some mundane experience with you.

Had a dental appointment Wednesday, a surgical dental appointment. Had a major tooth on the right side of my mouth removed; which had another tooth cantilevered off the back of it so I lost the chewing surface of two teeth. When you like food as much as I do, that can be a problem. Of course my regular dentist is suggesting two implants but the surgeon suggested and my finances are pointing to only one.

The surgeon’s office called in prescriptions (while I was still out) and Ron picked them up on our way home. One is mouth rinse. Mint – will never use it. Two are for pain – I have no pain that requires medication. The fourth is an antibiotic which I don’t want to take for fear of contracting the side affects so am not taking that either (hope there’s no regret on this one). So far, things are fine and all these pills will just be returned to the pharm to be discarded. Or, maybe save the pain pills for the implant days when I’ll probably get another prescription for pain pills which I can then ignore since I’ll have a supply on hand. That’s three to four months away. Then after the implant posts go in, it’s another three to four months before the crown goes on the post. It’s a long process.

No photos today. I was going to take a photo of my pulled tooth but I forgot to ask before they put me out, and when I was awake enough to ask for it, found out it was discarded. We probably wouldn’t like what we saw anyway.

Off to sew; hopefully photos on Monday of quilting progress.

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