Sunday, February 3, 2008

Weekend Happenings

The super bowl is over and it’s now time to do something somewhat productive. I have no photos of the weekend’s work to post but found something of color to add. It’s supposed to snow tonight (Sunday) through Monday and I thought looking at one of last summer’s flower arrangements would be cheering.

Ron wanted pizza tonight so we went to a new pizza place (Woodland Take-N-Bake) I found, tucked between a quilt shop (Before U Quilt) and a long arm quilt store (Quilt Yourself) in Savage, Minn. It doesn’t get much better than this. I took a three hour lesson on one of the store’s three long arm machines and am now a (very short on experience) long arm quilter, but Ron still won’t buy me a $40,000 machine. He actually found the quilt shop and the long arm quilt store in a mailing flier so it’s because of him that I’m renting time on one of the store’s machines (the store’s purpose). I love it. I did one small quilt on the long arm so far, a penguin quilt that I’ll be listing on Etsy soon, and have scheduled time for another small quilt that’s in progress, and time to quilt a “Quilts of Valor” quilt.

Oh, that’s right, the pizza place is right next door to the quilt shop so I bought fabric for the Easter items I want to make (started today). Since I missed listing Valentine’s Day items on Etsy, I started making some Easter items that I want to complete and list within a couple weeks. And since we were there for the pizza, and the fabric, and the long arm shop was open, I introduced him to Sue (co-owner with Jeanette) and the long arm store – he was very impressed. When I get the Easter items fully created, I need to finish the Christmas gifts for the family (we’re getting together the end of March this year so I have some time before they need to be done).

Here’s another colorful photo to leave you with. Quilt project photos should be coming soon.

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