Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jabaro Happenings

I am having so much fun quilting since I learned to use the long-arm machines at Quilt Yourself, http://www.quiltyourself.com a wonderful shop discovered by my husband. I’ve quilted four quilts and they all look so nice. Unfortunately, I can only show you one as two quilts were Quilts of Valor (QoV) quilts and I didn’t take photos. The penguin quilt, and others, are for sale on my Etsy site, http://tinyurl.com/29wm6x

As you can probably tell, I’m learning how to use http://tinyurl.com/ which is a site that lets you put in a many-charactered URL and it is automatically reduced to a much shortened URL. Check it out and bookmark it for later use; it’s very easy to use.

This month, I’ve also made three Easter egg table runners, also for sale in my Etsy shop. These are very time consuming but they look so nice when done. I had leftover fabric from the first two and decided to make one with various pieces of the fabrics used in the strip runners. Unfortunately, that one was even more time consuming than the other two but I really, really like the third one. I also added lots of sparkle with the hot-fixed Swarovski crystals to two of the runners.

I’m still working on the Christmas gifts for my family. For the first time, we Minnesotans and Wisconsinites are not asking our sister-who-hates-the-cold to travel to the northern cold tundra – which she really won’t do when it’s cold anyway. She has invited us all to her home in Atlanta so off we’re all going. There is an added benefit for me (and Ron too). On the way to Atlanta is the biggest (I believe) quilt store in the United States. And there is a golf course in the same area, so while Ron golfs, bet you know what I’ll be doing.

Ron pointed out that next year our trip will probably be Nebraska bound as the U of Nebraska-Lincoln is opening up a new $12million facility to house more than 2,300 quilts – yup, 2,300 quilts. I’m guessing there’s a golf course near there also and I bet I can even find a quilt shop or two.

That’s all for today, enjoy my photos of the penguin quilt and eggs. Don’t know what Wednesday’s post will bring.

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