Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Finger Presser Tool

After finger pressing with this handy dandy tool, officially called the Clover Finger Presser, and more pressing with my wonderful but heavy Rowenta iron, the blocks are finally all completed. Since there were 912 of the 3.5 inch triangles, and all those little seams needed to be opened up (unusual in quilting) and then pressed, I was so glad I had purchased this little white tool years ago.
I'm someone who sees a sewing tool and assumes that sometime in the future that tool will come in handy. To use this one, just push the point of it along the seam, which opens and presses it enough to gently and lightly slide an iron over the seam to keep it open. If only I could justify some of my other tool purchases. It took me about 14 hours to just sew and press those little seams open; a very time-consuming quilt this is turning out to be.

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