Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Father's Day Golf Quilt

I found golf theme fabric and of course, had to have it for no other reason than my husband is a golfer. I then had to find fabric to "go with" the focus fabric. UGH big time. I bought more coordinating fabric that didn't coordinate and sewed more blocks that I didn't use than . . . ever. I made two quilts and still have yards of the theme fabric left. I think I'll use it for backing or for something where I don't need to coordinate the colors. The rust isn't really rust, it's a reddish brownish; the yellow isn't really yellow, it's . . . haven't figured it out. After much trial and error I finally got the correct fabrics. I think my favorite color in the entire quilt is the brown.

I made it longer than usual to make sure it covered up dad from neck to toe. I know sunburn can leave a person feeling a little chilled and this quilt will surely keep him/her toasty.

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